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Seek the Lord while he may be found. Call upon Him while He is near.” Isaiah 55:6

The verse above screams NOW! NOW, He can be found. NOW, call on Him. NOW, He is near.

Seeking is a verb. An action word. A NOW word. Knowing that I have to ask myself if I’m actively seeking God. I want to be but am I? Are you?

We have only so much time in these human bodies. The time to seek God is now, friends. Think about what’s getting in the way of doing that, then ask yourself if anything that important.

An idol is anything, let me repeat ANYTHING, that holds our love, time, and attention more than God. And, yes, idols do become all too important to us. We build them, after all.

No matter what idols we’ve built up for ourselves and, let’s be honest, most of us have them. Whether it’s our job, accomplishments, appearance, husband, home, family, service, leadership, teaching; yes, even the good things can be moved up to a place in front of God.

Our idols grow right under our noses, often without much fuss until all the fussing starts. By then it’s too late, or is it?

Our God is faithful and ever-present. Even after we walk away or begin worshipping those idols, we can always return to Him. God will draw us back to Himself, so don’t delay when you feel that nudge. God is waiting for all his children, and He doesn’t make Himself hard to find. Just look around, He is always everywhere. Even now.

From Matthew Henry’s Commentary, because he says it beautifully: While he may be found—while he is near  It is implied that now God is near and will be found, so that it shall not be in vain to seek him and to call upon him. Now his patience is waiting on us, his word is calling to us, and his Spirit striving with us. Let us now improve our advantages and opportunities; for now is the accepted time.

There is a day coming when he will be afar off, and will not be found, when the day of his patience is over, and his Spirit will strive no more. There may come such a time in this life, when the heart is incurably hardened; it is certain that at death and judgment the door will be shut, Luke 16:26; 13:25, 26. Mercy is now offered, but then judgment without mercy will take place. (https://www.biblegateway.com/resources/matthew-henry/Isa.55.6-Isa.55.13)

Seek: Try to discover, acquire or gain. In this case, we want to gain more knowledge of God.

Seek Him and be intentional about it. Here’s what I mean by that. Take inventory of your life. Now more than ever, most of us have time to do that. And remember, we’re looking for idols and it might hurt.

Are there areas of your life that have become way too important? More important than you ever planned? Really reflect on what you reflect on most. You may not like what you find but don’t be afraid to look anyway.

Make a mental list of what takes up most of your time and attention. Then try to determine where God ranks on that list. No matter what we find, it’s okay to bring it to the Lord. He is merciful, patient, forgiving, and He keeps His promises.

 “So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. (Luke 11:9, Matt 7:7)





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