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In the links below, you can preview past newsletters and articles before signing up to receive your own copy. But, unless anything special is happening, you’ll only get it once a month because caregivers are busy. In the newsletter, I share stories, tips, and encouragement for the family caregiver – past, present, and future.

Caregiving is a rewarding, challenging, and humbling experience. It can be difficult, at times, to care for those you love and still love them well despite the mounting physical and emotional hurdles involved. That’s where I come in because my goal is to make your caregiving life a little bit easier.

Newsletters – Caregiver Strong

(formerly Confessions of A Family Caregiver)

April 2024 – Helping Caregivers Spot New Beginnings

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November 2023 – Setting “Sticky” Boundaries

September 2023 – A happy goodbye to summer.

June 2023 – Have you ever taken an Awe Walk?

May 2023 – Are you practicing self-care?

April 2023 – Renewed Hope In Spring Blooms

March 2023 – An easy way to support family caregivers 

February 2023 – What’s your favorite color?

December 2022 – Setting “Sticky” Christmas Boundaries

November 2022 – Keep Smiling

October 2022 – Caregiver Strong (new title)

August 2022 – Free Download

June 2022 – Do you remember the plate spinners?

April 2022 – So, what makes us compadres, you ask?

January 2022 – Are you a daydreamer?


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