Ep 1 – Best Family Caregiver Tip Ever – Get Organized

For the last year, I’ve shared many caregiving tips on Instagram. But, in this episode of The Caregiver Strong Podcast, I’m sharing what I think is the most important tip: Get organized!

I know because I was a caregiver for my sister, Michelle, who had Down Syndrome and Alzheimer’s Disease. I’m not typically organized, but as Alzheimer’s progressed, I learned the necessity of getting and staying organized. Caregiving supplies tend to increase over time, and they can get out of control fast.

getting organized

BONUS-Getting organized gives you more time to care for yourself for a change. Caregiver self-care is necessary, my friend. To learn more about caregiver self-care, listen to Episode 2–click here. Learn more when you listen. 

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Photo by Jaclyn Baxter on Unsplash


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