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Go –

As youngsters, we are encouraged by our parents and teachers to share our toys and candy. Then, as we get older, to share our time with others and eventually our resources. We read all through the bible about shares of land, money, even people,

In this writing challenge, we are encouraged to share our stories with others through a link-up. Then to share our thoughts about other participants writing by visiting their blogs and leaving a comment or like. This can be scary sometimes. Sharing our innermost thoughts with strangers on the Internet…hmmm…okay, I’ll do it.

Jesus did that, too. He shared bread with the 5,000 (Mark 14). He shared His wisdom with large crowds (Matt 5:1-12), with His inner circle, and even those who sought to kill Him. Even when they accomplished their goal, He shared the Holy Spirit with all believers (John 14:26). He shared the victory.

We have been commissioned to do the same (Matt 28:16-20), to share from our table, from our purses, and from our hearts. Share His word with whomever he places in our path by whatever means available to us. And he promised to be with us, saying, “I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” The Spirit will prompt us at the right time and even tell us what to share…hmmm….okay, I’ll do that too.

 Stopping for now –

This is part of the A New Road Devotional Collection.

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