And it is he who will supply all your needs from his riches in glory because of what Christ Jesus has done for us. Now unto God our Father be glory forever and ever. Amen. Philippians 4:19-20 

OH, what a frustrating few of days it has been! I let this blog, rather one small step in my plans for it, get the best of me.

You see, I want to set up an email management service and grow subscribers, like most of you reading this today. I want to help those who don’t know Christ yet and those who do. To encourage others to seek Him and know Him.

I want to encourage other caregivers, and myself, in the sometimes heave task of caring for loved ones.

I want to eventually gain income to sustain the expenses.

I may even publish something. Who knows?

The thing is, I have a plan. A loose one but a plan, nonetheless.

I got distracted this week by trying to set up a new email, one with my domain name. That’s it. Through some technical difficulty I just could not get it done until finally, my awesome web host saw my distress and did it for me.

God provided the way.

Before that, instead of working through it or asking for help, I focused on what I couldn’t do. I asked myself over and over if should I be doing this blog thing. Maybe technology is a hurdle I won’t overcome. How can I expect to manage an email list if I can’t even set up the email?


I realized that the enemy of this world would like nothing better than to disrupt my plans, distract me with negative self-talk, and feelings of inadequacy so that I give up.

Not to serve those seeking Christ.

Not to offer encouragement to other tired caregivers and myself.

Not to turn this into a business.

Not to publish.

The truth is, I’m here because of the Holy Spirit’s leading and I’m trusting Him to make a way when I can’t see one (Jer 29:11). In my own confidence, there is no way I would be here writing anything for anyone to read (Phil 4:13). It is a truly vulnerable space and it just plain scary. But just like Joyce Meyer says, “Do it afraid!” (2 Timothy 1:7)

Then, last night something clicked. I regained focus. With my new email address established, I was able to start working on the next steps and got several things done in short order.

Now, I’m off to the races…until next time.


Writing today as part of the Five Minute Fridays weekly free-write, hosted by Kate Motaung. FMF is a welcoming writing community. Check out the other writers there. On Fridays, Kate provides a writing prompt and we write for five minutes (unedited…hmmm) and share in the link-up. Today’s writing prompt is DISTRACTION.

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