I can’t wait! We hear that all the time at our house. My sister, Michelle, gets something on her mind and won’t let it go.

Michelle loves to go out, but that’s been tough for all of us this year. It wasn’t any different for the special needs day program she attended either. Before COVID19 shutdown, Michelle had somewhere to go every day, but the program had to temporarily shut down in March 2020. So staying home every day was a big change for her.

I brought Michelle to the office with me for a while when work resumed. That wasn’t very exciting for her and not so easy for me either.

Enter Amanda, praise the Lord! She is Michelle’s caregiver during the day, Monday through Thursday. This allows me to go to work while Michelle and Amanda do all kinds of fun stuff.

They go to the nature center, dance, take walks, make lunch together, work on a sticker book, and other crafts. Amanda even takes Michelle to visit our mom, sometimes. This all means so much.

As soon as Amanda leaves for the day, we start hearing…I can’t wait…I can’ wait.

Michelle can’t wait for Amanda’s return. That doesn’t mean Michelle doesn’t love us. It means she loves Amanda, too. Michelle’s capacity to love others seems limitless, and she has something to look forward to every day. That’s something we could all use.

When the special needs program started up again, we decided that our new plan was going so well, we weren’t making any changes. I am so grateful for the way God works everything out.

This is day 2 (for me) of the Hope Writers Novel November Writing Challenge. I’m writing nonfiction for this challenge.

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