2 Timothy 1:7 For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. (NIV) 

My first memory of feeling humiliated and rejected was in second grade when Sr. Julie Ann yelled at me, “SCATTER BRAIN! SCATTER BRAIN! SCATTER BRAIN!” With the eyes of all my classmates on me I returned to my seat, across a classroom that seemed the size of a football field. The pain of rejection was implanted deeply while the sting of embarrassment filled every part of me, burning my seven-year-old cheeks red.

Repeatedly, as many of us do, I put shame on myself and for one reason or another felt isolated and rejected. I was one of the poor kids, working off my tuition in the school office, the pregnant high school senior, the youngest mom in the PTA meeting, the only one without a college degree, the only woman in the department, a divorced single mom. There was never any overt rejection, it was just how I felt; it was inside of me. It was a lie.

Having endured a few trials in my life, I can promise you will too (John 16:33). The good news is that we, who have Jesus as our savior, also have the Holy Spirt living on the inside of us. He is here to help us, but we also have His power to overcome the forces of rejection, emotions run amok, fear, worry, and any other lies the enemy throws at us (Ephes 6:17).

In the power of the Spirit we are stronger than we can imagine (Acts 1:8). Don’t get too full of yourself though (Romans 12:3), because it isn’t you; it’s Him. Only in Christ can we endure the trials (Phil 4:13) and in them become stronger and prepared for what He has planned (Romans 5:1-5). That means we can go through some stuff without losing our minds. Instead, rest in knowing God is in control.

Prayer: Lord God, at times life was only bearable because I knew You were there. I thank you and I praise you for the experiences you’ve allowed to make me stronger, to build my character and self-control, and to give me empathy for those suffering through trials. As You walk with me, Lord, bring the person who needs You and give me a boldness to speak. Let my fear of rejection dissipate in the power of the Holy Spirt. Give me your confidence and peace when the time right, so that I speak only Your words and not my own. In Jesus great name, Amen.


Photo by Andrew Neel on Upsplash.

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