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My mom said that to me recently. You’re not strong. She really said that after everything we’ve been through this year. I got a little mad about that, or maybe a little hurt. What was that supposed to mean, anyway? REALLY!

This came after my sister Michelle (we call her Mitch), who has Down Syndrome, was discharged from her second hospital stay in a month. I steeped in that short comment for a few days, maybe even a couple of weeks. It both bugged and bewildered me. Then the Holy Spirit brought that ah-ha moment.

You see, about a year ago my mom, who was 88 at the time, started another round of health problems. She fell a couple of times eventually landing in the hospital (over Christmas), then two more hospital stays for congestive heart failure, a minor surgery, and eight weeks in rehab all before April 1st. Mom finally stabilized and made it home to stay. Yay! During all that time Mitch stayed with us, then we decided it was time to make it a permanent arrangement. That was hard for Mom, and seven months later, it still is.

Caring for them both is not a burden, but it has changed our family dynamic for sure. Everything from work hours to grocery shopping; forget maintaining a schedule or making any sort of plans. Doctors appointments rule my life.

Psalm 55:22 Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you; 

That ah-ha moment, I’m so thankful for now, was me realizing that Mom knew what she was talking about. She had Michell for 54 years before letting go. She had a job, two other children and my dad, whose last 20 years were riddled with serious health issues. Strength. I always thought she was strong, but I’m just learning how strong she really is and what she meant. I can only do this in Christ. He was and is her strength. He is my strength, too.

While mom was in and out of the hospital, I relinquished all control to Jesus and the burden of control was lifted. I don’t have to control this. NO, let me get this right, I can’t control this. Neither I don’t have to do it on my own. I have a great husband that just rolls with all of it helping in too many ways to mention, a brother who’s all in, and family really stepping up. God is good!

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