A Journey Through The Names of God

Join me for this series, where we’ll explore the Names of God in letters to my friends, prayers, and excerpts from touching devotionals.

A Journey Through The Names of God

Inspired by Tony Evans’ book, Praying Through The Names of God (2014, Harvest House Publishers), I wrote a collection of prayers and words of encouragement to a dear friend and mentor struggling through an illness. My friend is fully recovered now (praise the Lord), but I was so encouraged in the process that I wanted to share them with you in this year’s 31-Day Writing Challenge over on the Five Minute Fridays. Our host, Kate Motaung provides daily prompts which you’ll notice in the Table of Contents, below.

Some of these names may be pretty familiar to you, but I think you’ll discover many more that you’ve never heard before.

That is the wonder of God’s Word. There is always more to learn. The complete knowledge of God is too vast for us to take in. But learning about the Names of God might help us understand more about His character and why we can trust Him.

You can click this link to find me @myconcretedove on Instagram, where I’ll share some of the posts from this series.

I’ll start with an October Reset which, for me, is in order to get this challenge started! Every week I’ll take a break from the series to give you a Reset Update.

Table of Contents

Day 1 : Need – Hello October, New Beginnings in an October Reset only on Instagram

Day 2 : Content – The God of My Exceeding Joy, El Simchath Gili

Day 3 : Peace –The God  of Our Peace, Jehovah Shalom

Day 4 : Comfort – The Lord My Deliverer, Jehovah Mephalti

Day 5 : Patient – The God Who Sees Us Helps Us Be Patient, El Roi

Day 6 : Whole – The Eternal All-Sufficient God, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh

Day 7 : Encourage – October Reset Update (only on Instagram)

Day 8 : Complete – God with Us We are Complete, Immanuel 

Day 9 : Power –

Day 10 : Establish –

Day 11 : Above – Praising The Lord God Most High, Jehovah El Elyon

Day 12 : Everyone – The Living God, Elohim Chayim

Day 13 : Redeem – The Lord Your Redeemer, Jehovah Goelekh (Only on Instagram)

Day 14 : Toward – Jehovah Ori Is the God of Light

Day 15 : Treasure – October Reset Week 2 (Only on Instagram)

Day 16 : Temporary

Day 17 : Trust – You Can Trust The Lord Our Healer, Jehova Rophe

Day 18 : Kind – There Is Much Kindness in The God of Mercy, Elohe Chaseddi

Day 19 :  Effort – Believe and Receive God My Help, Elohim Ozer Li

Day 20 : Taste –

Day 21 : Afraid – God Who is Near, Elohei Mikkarov (Only on Instagram)

Day 22 : Still – Be Still God Our Rock Never Crumbles, El Sali

Day 23 : Path –

Day 24 : Always –

Day 25 : Think – The Lord Mighty in Battle, Jehovah Gibbor Milchamah

Day 26 : Light –

Day 27 : Gift – Praising The God of My Praise, Elohei Tehillati

Day 28 : Fail –

Day 29 : Morning –

Day 30 : Equip –

Day 31 : Worthy –

Prayer – Start a Conversation with Jehovah the Relational God


FMF 31-Day Writing Challenge 2021