Ep 4 – How a Caregiver Coach Can Make Your Caregiving Life Easier

We are at the fourth and final episode of The Caregiver Strong Podcast. Wow! 

In this episode, we’ll explore the role of a caregiver coach, the benefits of having a coach, and how to find a coach.Caregiver Coach man and woman standing on field

And I’m so pleased Sherrie Cook and Julie Lowenthaul joined me for this conversation. Sherrie is my caregiver coach, and Julie is the local Area Agency on Aging 1-B’s (AAA-1B) Coordinator of Volunteers. I’m so grateful they were willing to share their knowledge and experience with family caregivers who may not know that caregiver coaching is a thing. 

Because family caregiving has so many layers, our conversation could have gone on for hours. But since caregivers don’t have that kind of time, we limited it to the questions listed below. 

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Discussion questions:

  • What does a caregiver coach do for a family caregiver? For example, is it the coach’s role to find resources for the caregiver?
  • What are some main reasons someone might seek a caregiver coach? 
  • When is it time for a caregiver to seek a coach?
  • Do you find many caregivers that come to you for coaching have already crossed over into burnout? How do you help them address it?
  • Is coaching only for those providing hands-on care? 
  • How could caregivers benefit from coaching when the care recipient is in an assisted living or nursing home situation? 
  • Where can people find out more about the caregiving coach program at AAA-1B, and what area of the state fall under that umbrella?
  • Since people are hearing this outside of Michigan, can you offer non-Michiganders suggestions for finding a coach?
  • What sort of training is required to become a caregiver coach? 
  • Do you see the demand for caregiver coaching increasing? 
  • How does AAA-1B match a caregiver with a coach? 
  • What is the most important advice you would give a new caregiver?

Thank you for being here. I hope this makes your caregiving life just a little bit easier.

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