Ep 3 – How To Prepare For The Changing Seasons Of Caregiving

This episode has some tough stuff in it. We’re talking about the progressive stages of caregiving and looking at them like the changing seasons on a life calendar.

  • Spring – Recognizing there may be a need in the future.
  • Summer – Stepping in to help regularly.
  • Fall – Actively engaged in caregiving and feeling the effects on your personal life and health.
  • Winter – You’re tired, grieving, sad, lonely, and maybe even scared of what comes next.

Depending on your current caregiving season, some of this may not be easy to hear. Try to stick with me to the end because while we can’t run away from the progressive stages of caregiving, we can prepare ourselves to walk through them.

And remember, spring always follows winter, and with it, new life. It’s your life, so you’ll want to be ready to live it.

A coach can help. Listen to Episode 4 to learn more about the benefits of having a caregiver coach.

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