This, on a weekend where I had to work, return and pick-up Christmas gifts at the store, take my sister back and forth to my mom’s three times, celebrate her birthday on Saturday and Sunday, and prepare 45 Christmas cards for mailing. down syndrome woman celebrates a birthday

We had to adjust our weekend plans to care for a little lost dog; a member of someone’s family. This allowed us to pause and focus on something besides a full schedule. Something beyond ourselves.

We had to determine, as a family, how to best feed and provide comfort to the little guy. How to get him back home, if that was possible.

We reached out to a dog-lover friend with connections to a rescue organization. My husband rode his bicycle through the neighborhood looking for the dog’s owners.

No luck.

We reported finding the dog to local police and animal control. Talking to neighbors, my husband learned about a Facebook page for lost & found pets (shout-out to For the Love of Louie), which ultimately led to finding the dog’s owners, who live just a few doors down. We are neighbors.

found dog small black poodle mix

In all of this activity, we were reminded that doing good feels good. And being kind and caring to others, even lost pets, is a way of caring for ourselves. And often pushes us beyond the perceived limits of responsibility and duty.

Taking care of this lost dog softened our hearts and brought us joy during a hard season, even if for just a little while. The little while is now a memory we can go back to time and time again, like a treasured gift. This lost dog provided an opportunity for us to show love and kindness to our neighbors.

God had better plans for our weekend.

A little dog found us and we called him Lucky.



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Full disclosure; the featured image is not our found dog, but very close.  Photo by Sander Weeteling on Unsplash


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