No one has time for all the writing things! Not unless you hire a super VA. But that’s hard to do if your writing doesn’t pay the bills yet.Joyology 101: Getting Energized to Write Your Next Whispered Story frazzled woman biting pencils in front of a laptop

Making graphics
Email lists
SEO (That’s a real joy-stealer to get going)
All the socials
Actually posting something

The one thing we must make time for is prayer. Without prayer, none of it matters. And without prayer, I don’t think we’ll realize the true joy in writing.

Having said all of that, I must confess, I do not pray before writing every time. I’m inconsistent at best. And maybe this is why my writing sometimes takes longer than it should, falls flat, seems awkward to read and write, and might not even get started. My son is a church organist, and I always tell him to pray before he plays. He’s heard this from me for years. It’s probably time for me to start following my own advice.

Despite my own inconsistency, I believe prayer is the place to begin. The sincere embrace of a Faithful Friend and Advocate in your corner, cheering you on, whispering new ideas when your idea basket is empty. And yes, comforting you when your article is rejected, again. Could these be the benefits of bathing your writing in prayer?

Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.
–Proverbs 16:3 (ESV)

Despite all the things writers are told we must do, there is really only one essential thing for the writer. One energizing, enriching, and all engulfing thing. Prayer. Prayer in the secret place makes it that much more intimate. It is here, in this secret place, that we find story ideas and blessings for our readers. It is where we are energized and equipped for a task that doesn’t feel like a task at all because it is pure joy to do what the Lord has called us to do.

Jesus told us to go and pray. Volumes have been written about prayer, but all of it can be distilled into one simple principle: the prayer that happens in the secret place is meant to be a heart-to-heart encounter between you and your Abba Father and not an intellectual exercise.

The secret place is where you bare your heart before God and pour every ounce of it at His feet ─ whether it be sorrow, gladness, thanksgiving, intercession, or all of it mixed together. In turn, God draws near and shelters you with His presence in the secret place.

C.S. Lewis & Joy Devotional Day 2 on YouVersion

A prayer for writers

Lord, Help me to get quiet in that secret place of prayer in fellowship with you so that I will know what my next steps are on this writing journey. I give You praise and thanksgiving for all the things I can do as a writer, even though sometimes I forget You are with me. Remind me to seek You first with every keystroke so that my words would be Your words and blessed for the receiver. All the honor and glory are Yours, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

This post is part of the #Write28Days writing challenge. Check out the other great writers participating in this challenge. Thanks to Anita Ojeda for host the event.

C.S. Lewis & Joy Devotional Day 2 on YouVersion



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