I call them sunrise moments. Special memories I keep handy.

Tiptoeing into the kitchen.

The coffee maker is ready. Just flip the switch, I put water and coffee in it last night.

Sputtering, fizzing, and spurts bring a hot cup of joy.

Grab a towel to sit on and the Word to stand on.

Slowly open the screen door. Don’t wake anyone up. Made it without a squeak.

Due on the chair. Due on the grass. And due in the spiderwebs glistening on the dock.Spider web in close up photography

Sunrise finds a new day.

Draping a towel over the chair I’m careful to sit without displacing it.

I open my bible and hold my coffee close. The mornings are chilly sometimes.


This is my favorite part of the day.

Recalling the sunrise moments

I cherished those mornings at the tiny cottage we enjoyed for 15 years.  I learned so much in those precious moments with the Lord and in His Word. Now, reliving those morning memories brings a smile to my face, as I thank God for each one.

Each special moment becomes a memory and, like a sunrise, is a gift to enjoy now and later. Maybe even more, later.

Taking time to recall those sunrise moments and giving thanks for them can bring lasting joy. Something happens just by realizing what God has done for you and being grateful. I will never forget those mornings on my cottage porch in solitude but hearing from the Spirit in my soul. Nothing can ever replace them.

Look for your sunrise moments. Make them meaningful because I believe they are gifts for now and later. Keep them fresh in your mind for the hard days when you need a fresh sunrise.

A prayer to start a new day

Waking up every morning is a testimony of your grace, oh Lord. Your love knows no end, and I am forever grateful for that. Let my life revolve around your word as I prepare for the day. Order my steps and protect me. Lead me not into temptation and grant me success in all my endeavors. Amen.

Joy Reflections

  1. Take a few minutes to recall a sunrise moment.
  2. Take a few more minutes to thank God for that special time in your life.
  3. Take a few more minutes still to roll that sunrise moment over in your mind again, so that it’s freshly filed for easy retrieval when you need it later because you will.


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Prayer from https://www.birthdaywishes.expert/inspiring-good-morning-prayers-blessings-and-verses-from-the-bible/

Feature image Photo by: Federico Respini on Unsplash

Spider web Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash