That’s all we can do, right? Pray and cast our ballots.

God is in control of all outcomes, but we do have the free will to choose a candidate. I guess that’s where the praying comes in. Thank You, God, for giving us that gift. Let’s not condemn the use of it.

2 days to vote logic circlesWe also have the gift of expressing ourselves in so many ways. I am grateful to the community of writers, in which I consider myself a member. You have shown restraint in ways so many others haven’t. This is always a safe place. Thank you.

I’ve read apolitical posts asking for calm, respect, and kindness. Posts that focused on social injustice in compassionate and caring ways seeking to understand and engaging to find answers.

About 40 days ago, I started posting about voting on my personal Instagram account. It’s just a count down, encouraging people to vote. Each post is red, white, blue, or a combination of all three colors in our American flag.  Captions were very short, allowing the picture to speak for itself.

Last week, I added purple. Can you guess why?

Today I’m posting in the Five Minute Friday link-up, where we free-write to a single word prompt for five minutes. Today the prompt is VOTE.