Dear One,

Today, let’s explore Elohim Ozer Li, God My Help. Ever feel like you are at the end of your rope? Life gets hard and sometimes it seems like we make little progress despite a massive effort. Maybe that’s because we try to do it “all” ourselves. But working harder isn’t always the right answer. At least that’s what I’m feeling right now, how about you?The Names of God-Believe to Receive God My Help

This might help. I found the following excerpt from Dr. Evan’s book, Praying Through The Names of God.

Elohim Ozer Li, you are the God who helps me and sustains me. When I am in need, you are there. When I am alone, you are near. When I don’t know my way, you guide me or come alongside me to walk with me as I find it. You are worthy of praise Elohim Ozer Li, because your great arm reaches out to help those in need. You provide me with all I need to carry out the purpose for which you have placed me on earth. you sustain me with the kindness of your love, the wisdom of your mind, and the strength of your arm. I adore you, Elohim Ozer Li, with all that is within me. (Evans, 2014, p. 57)

Believe to Receive

Read Dr. Evans’ words again. This time, look specifically for how Elohim Ozer Li helps. He stays near us, guides us, walks with us, reaches for us, helps us, provides for us, created us, sustains us, loves, strengthens, and teaches us. Do you see that God is making every effort, while all we have to do is believe in HIm to receive His goodness? I’m not talking prosperity, here. It’s more like realizing we don’t have to do life alone.

Pray about this today. Where are you putting in the effort to accomplish what God is already working on?

Rest in the knowledge of God, your Help, working behind the scenes making every effort to accomplish His plan for your life.

Believe and receive, my friend!


Evans, T. (2014). Elohim Ozer Li. In Praying Through The Names of God (pp. 57–58). essay, Harvest House Publishers.


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Inspired by Tony Evans book, Praying Through The Names of God (2014, Harvest House Publishers)

A Journey Through The Names of God

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