Hello Friend,

Today is a day of praise as we call on the God of My Praise, Elohei Tehillati, who deserves our highest praise. God is involved in every aspect of your life, so give him the thanks and praise He deserves for the gifts He has given you.

Try to develop a heart of gratitude for all that He does. Did you know that gratitude combats negative thinking and anxiety? Both are tools of the enemy, who doesn’t want us to praise God.

The Names of God-Praising the God of My Praise

Sometimes we don’t understand what God is doing. We even become angry with Him at times. But we don’t know everything. Only God does. So, we praise Him because we can trust in His lovingkindness. God is good, so talk to Him about what’s bothering you. Think of Him like a best friend. Though He may not speak, God always listens.

Let’s praise Elohei Tehillati together.

Be not silent, O God of my praise! Psalm 109:1 (ESV)

A prayer of praise and thanks

Lord, thank you for the gift of Your presence. For that alone, I praise Your name, Elohei Tehillati. You are the God of My Praise. Thank you for everything that brings me closer to You. Sometimes the things that bring me closer are complicated and demanding and may take a long time to pass, if ever. It’s not always easy to be thankful. Would you please help me see your amazing lovingkindness in all circumstances, even the hard ones that I don’t understand? I praise Your name. Amen

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! –Psalm 150:6 (ESV)

Are you having trouble praising God? Try starting a gratitude list. You know, write down what you are thankful for today. You’re breathing today. That’s one thing. Then take a minute to thank God. Give Him the praise he deserves. Have you ever noticed how praising God puts a smile on your face, especially on the hard days?

You’ve got nothing to lose, my friend. Elohei Tehillati is with you and worthy of praise.

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P.S. I’m several days behind on the Five Minute Fridays  #31days2021 writing challenge that ends on October 31st. During this challenge, the point is to write and, for me, to share the Names of God with my friends. So, I may continue even after the challenge is over. We’ll see.

Join me for this series, where we’ll explore the Names of God in letters to my friends, prayers, and excerpts from touching devotionals. I wrote a collection of prayers and words of encouragement to a dear friend and mentor struggling through an illness. My friend is fully recovered (praise the Lord), but I was so encouraged in the process that I wanted to share that encouragement with you. Click the link to access the Series Table of Contents. 

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Inspired by Tony Evans book, Praying Through The Names of God (2014, Harvest House Publishers)

A Journey Through The Names of God

This post is the first installment of the 31-Day Writing Challenge 2021.

FMF 31-Day Writing Challenge 2021