Colossians 3:23 Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.

Some of us aren’t so happy with what we are doing. That could be your day job or a life situation that feels like the job you never wanted. Take online homeschooling (Hello COVID19!) or caregiving, for example. If you are doing either one, it’s probably not a role you planned on. Both are uncomfortable and extremely challenging. But, guess what, it’s where God has you today.

For those who are homeschooling online in this pandemic, you’re probably also awkwardly working your 9-5 or trying to. I know my daughter is. Like her, I’ll bet you’re looking forward to next year already, hoping the kids will be back in school and you back in the office. That has its own set of challenges, for sure. But you already know what they are. And there’s probably an IT specialist on staff for when computers decide not to work.

You are disappointed that your kids have to experience this or miss milestones because they can’t go to school. And you keep wondering if you are doing it right.

For those of us taking care of loved ones, it can be a long-term situation that puts many restrictions on living your life. That’s tough to take. It’s probably not something you ever envisioned when you graduated from high school or college, getting married, planning a family, or working on the next promotion.

You are disappointed that life is passing you by while you try to honor your loved one, but some days it seems impossible.

When life takes a pause, like the one we’ve all been living in this year, and maybe next. Or you find yourself in a role you don’t really want or don’t think you are good at. It’s time to change your perspective.

We can live in disappointment or choose to change our perspective. Try viewing the situation as an opportunity to serve God by serving others. No, I’m not saying it’s easy to lean into this new thing you’re dealing with willingly. But it is much easier to swim with the current rather than against it.

While we didn’t plan our current circumstances, God is not surprised by them. Remember, He never calls us to something without also equipping us to do it (Hebrews 13: 21).

He is the reason you are a teacher, IT specialist, employee or business owner, and a mom right now.  He’s given you the ability to handle this task at this time.

He is the one you are serving with every load of laundry, doctor’s appointment, and repeated conversation. He gives you the stamina you need today and for the long haul.

Lord, use the disappointment that finds me today to grow me into your humble servant for tomorrow. I pray tomorrow comes soon, Lord. Amen.

This is day one (for me) of the Hope Writers Novel November Challenge. Better late than not at all. 

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