I’m sad because some of my friends and family are so far apart on the stay-at-home and PPE requirements during this global (yes, global) pandemic. As if I’m not trusting God, or living in fear, or stating a political view by observing safety guidelines and wearing a mask.

I love them all, even though I don’t agree or understand the thinking behind their beliefs.

I wear the PPE, maintain a safe distance, and stay home as much as possible because I know God is in control and He has a purpose in everything. And His purpose may be different for each one of us.

I am not living in fear. I am living in trust, confidence, and obedience to God’s word.

My husband works in the warehouse of a large grocery chain and is one of our  essential workers. I’m a caregiver to my mom and sister, Michelle, both of whom have compromised immune systems. We must be vigilant for both of them. Mom is 91 and that’s reason enough to be careful anytime.

By honoring authority and using good common sense, I’m choosing to protect those I love and care for by also protecting myself so that I can be available for them.

Yes, it hurts to be physically away from those we love. My brother is recovering well from a second major bout with cancer and I want to hug him and share in his joy. My nephew is graduating from college and it would be great to be there to celebrate his success. I miss worshiping on Sunday with my church family. My children and grandchildren, that change by the day, I want to hug them all.

No, I will not jeopardize them in any way. No more than I would a stranger passing on the sidewalk or in a grocery aisle.

I ask those who disagree not to judge and not to grumble. Those of us doing our best to care for loved ones are not over-dialing, we are obeying. Caregivers already carry enough, we really don’t need to feel judged too.

We are all in the same situation, but we are not alone.

Why not thank God together for the science that informs us, the PPE that protects us, and the technology that brings us together. God has provided them all.

In the end, we are all free to do as we choose in this life. That’s another one of God’s gifts. As for me, I will continue trusting Him as I care for Mom and Michelle. I will continue loving my friends and family from a distance while staying close in other ways like:

Video text messages

Driveway visits

Birthday parades

Zoom, Skype, Google Duo, Facebook, Instagram…

Phone calls


Dropping off a home-cooked meal and groceries

Arranging video doctor’s visits

Wearing a mask

Online bible studies

Hoping for our future


All of this will make our physical reunions that much sweeter.