Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord; And He will give you the desires of your heart.

Go –

Am I on the right road, here? Is my navigation system working? Maybe I entered the wrong address, because I’m still not sure I belong in the this writing community. Is this my destination? Am I a writer? WAIT – that’s anxiety talking.

I’m writing, so I guess that answers tat least one of those questions. It’s the first question that’s challenging me.  Lord, I believe You put this desire in my heart because it is Your desire for me. 

This is one way I can share His word with others. I’m not the type to walk up to someone at a bus stop and start preaching, so that’s out. I can’t tell you the last time I stood a bus stop, but you know what I mean. He gives us each gifts and talents to use according to His purpose.

I belong to a community of believers, to a local church, and to Christ. I have been “given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good” (1 Cor 12:7). That settles it for me. I DO belong to this community of writers, I AM a writer. I need only surrender and allow the Spirit to work. He will do the rest, I just have to show up, prayed up!

Stop – 


This is the October writing challenge from Five Minute Friday. The plan is to successfully post everyday. We write for five minutes (unedited and that’s a challenge) and stop. Visit FMF to see more posts. 

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