This is a post for Five Minute Fridays Link-up. It’s a five-minute free write using the prompt provided by our host Kate Motaung. This week the prompt is TABLE.


In Exodus 25:23-30 the author describes the table of showbread. A very special table, constructed to very exacting specifications. Made of acacia wood and overlayed with pure gold, with a gold border and gold rings on its four corners. I’m sure craftsmen took their time to build this special table for the Lord.

“Every Sabbath the priests put twelve loaves of bread on the table of the bread of the Presence in the temple ( Exod 25:23-30 ; 35:13 ; 39:36 ; Lev 24:5-9 )..the bread was placed before Yahweh as a token of gratitude for his provision for his people.”

We renovated our kitchen & dining room last year. The constructions, from start to finish, took about four weeks. When it was finally over, I got to buy a new dining room table. My husband had very specific instructions. He didn’t want anything fancy, it had to be made of wood, and it had to expand to accommodate 8-10 people, but the leaves had to be self-storing. It was everything our old 30-year-old table wasn’t.

After a bit of searching, I found our special table at a store across town. I was nervous about buying it without my husband being there, but it met every one of his specifications and he was quite pleased when it arrived. Now, if we could all just slow down and have dinner together more often.

Slowing down is a choice, one I think it’s time for me to start making.

Slowing down and coming to the table together to thank God for His provision. Just thinking about it puts a smile on my face.

How about you? What would happen if you chose to slow down?


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