I try to read my Bible daily and I’m often reading to learn what God is going to do for me, how He’s going to fix my situation, or what my next steps are.

I just finished a book by Jen Wilkin, Women of the Word (Crossway 2014), and the first chapter is entitled Turning Things Around. Women of the Word 2nd Edition.jpgIn it, Jen talks about studying the Bible as a book about God, not me. Now, that provides a whole new perspective and one that actually might bring greater understanding sooner rather than later. Because it’s all about sooner, right.

Shifting our focus from self to God can be difficult on some days, okay most days. But when the lense is turned just enough to bring God clearly to the forefront, then we can begin to truly learn about Him. And as we learn more about God, His great love for us, His character, and steadfast nature we can trust Him more, understand more, and be more discerning in everyday life.

This is not an overnight thing, but I believe it can be sort of a shortcut, though. Perhaps a change in our study perspective also changes our life perspective. Maybe, just maybe, we learn to worry less, handle difficult circumstances better, suffer through major decisions less, grow stronger, and love more.

Pivoting our study perspective toward God may just, in turn, change our perspective on life and the world.


Writing today as part of the Five Minute Fridays weekly free-write, hosted by Kate Motaung. FMF is a welcoming writing community. Check out the other writers there. On Fridays, Kate provides a writing prompt and we write for five minutes (unedited…hmmm) and share in the link-up. Today’s writing prompt is PERSPECTIVE.

Book: Jen Wilkin, Women of the Word, 2014, Crossway. (2nd ed. not available with study questions.)

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